Bentley Towels has been perfecting a unique luxury weave which is highly absorbent, yet extremely lightweight. Its high tech construction eliminates pulled threads & has an exceptional ability not to shed lint or fluff. Its properties allow it to dry exceedingly fast, much quicker than traditional towels.

Hotel Spa Towel is the way to go if you want long-lasting towels & want to reduce water & energy costs. They don’t shrink unlike other bath towels or bath sheets. They can withstand high temperatures & heavy-duty wear & tear & provide longevity.


Hotel Hair Towel draws out excess water from your hair very quickly, significantly reducing blow-drying time. It will naturally dry your hair up to 4 times faster than large bulky traditional towels. This reduces frizziness, split ends & damage, leaving your hair healthier. It wraps and tucks easily & is not heavy on your head.
Bentley Sports Towels are amazing for absolutely any sport. The towel’s ability to absorb sweat/water so well makes it excellent for gym, golf, yoga, football, basketball, swimming, surfing…the list is endless. The weave has a unique way of deflecting debris making it an incredible towel for cricket & lawn bowls.

Kids Sports Buddy is a fantastic towel for children to use for absolutely any sport. It is ultra lightweight and compact for travel. The quick drying fibre is incredible at mopping up sweat /moisture and can absorb several times its own weight. The weave eliminates pulled & provides longevity.

Bentley Dance Buddy is fabulous to take dancing as it’s lightweight, compact & manageable. The quick drying fibre is spectacular at mopping up sweat. The weave eliminates pulled threads, doesn’t shrink & provides longevity. Reduce water & replace traditional heavy towels with Dance Buddy.
Kids Hair Buddy is easy for children to use as it’s lightweight & manageable. Children love using their Kids Hair Buddy because it’s comfortable & not heavy on their head. Instead of wet PJ’s after hair washing, Kids Hair Buddy will draw out water quickly making hair dry quicker ready for bedtime!
Bentley Baby Towel is perfect for drying your precious baby. It is gentle on their skin & not too heavy for their tiny body.  It is so absorbent, your baby will be dry in seconds! It’s the perfect bath towel size for your little bundle of joy.  Makes a lovely gift.
Unbranded Bentley Towels are available for you to put your own unique logo on. We can arrange embroidered labels, made to your specifications. The Bentley Towel is so versatile, it’s a fantastic product to retail in Gyms, Swim Centres, Dance Studios & Surf Clubs. It’s also an excellent product as a ‘thank you gift’ for Car Dealerships, Real Estate Agents, Mortgage & Finance Brokers…the list is endless. It’s a product that people will use, so people will remember you! Put your stamp on these luxury towels.