Bentley Towels has been perfecting a unique luxury towel which will significantly help reduce washing, saving water and energy.


I am committed and passionate about making a difference to our environment.


The towels are a generous size, yet incredibly lightweight and compact, perfect for travel. They are spectacular at soaking up water and moisture and can absorb several times its own weight. They dry exceptionally fast, much quicker than regular towels. The unusual weave eliminates pulled threads and shrinkage doesn’t occur. During washing, they have the ability not to shed lint or fluff and can withstand high temperatures without damaging the integrity of the fabric. These ensure heavy duty wear and tear, making it last longer than traditional loop pile towels.


All the characteristics make Bentley Towels a tremendous asset in ‘reducing water and electricity’ for:


*  Hotels & accommodation houses *  Cruise ships 

*  International airport shower areas *  Cosmetic surgeries

*  Day spas & Beauty therapists *  Residential homes & high-rises 


You can brand Bentley Towels with ‘YOUR LOGO’ making them your towel


Perfect for a ‘Retail Product’ or ‘Team Product’ such as


*  Golf pro shops *  Gyms *  Cricket clubs

*  Dance studios *  Swim centres *  Surf schools

*  Tennis clubs *  Basketball clubs *  Bowls clubs

*  Hairdressers *  Beauticians *  Luxury boats


Ideal for ‘promoting you’ as well as providing a great product:


*  Surf Life Saving Clubs ‘nippers towel’ *  School ‘sports towel’ for students


Thank You Gifts’ for lasting impressions:


*  Car dealerships *  Real estate agents

*  Mortgage Finance brokers *  Boat / Yacht Marine sales


Gift Packs for:


*  Brides & bridesmaid packs *  Baby shower packs *  Travel Buddy ‘bon voyage’ packs



Now more than ever, we should all endeavour to do what we can individually and collectively in business, to save our precious resources.


I’m immensely proud at creating Bentley Towels that have multiple uses and at the same time, helping our environment.


Warm regards

Lizzie Bentley